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Turning Talent to a ‘Trojan Power’

We all have heard the story of the Trojan Horse. Well planed innovative idea was given a spectacular reality. And that brought about equally spectacular success.


Times have changed. Definition of success has also changed. Success is no longer linear. So far as success is concerned. Thus studying hard for long years getting a good degree from a top engineering college and or a top business school will surely get you a job. But just a job. Not the success which is realized by many young entrepreneurs. The Time is such that a degree from a good business school or a top engineering college may land you a job but will not give you success in terms of its new definition. Success no longer means only working hard to get good grades, finding a good job, pleasing bosses to move ahead gradually in a good company. Success, today means identifying your talent, focusing on how to take it to such heights that it is distinguished by others, that it builds your self esteem making you understand your significance in society, and in life. Having said that, one must never forget that time is moving much faster than ever before. Your thoughts have to keep pace. Your actions too have to keep pace.  Your growth has to be faster. Getting ahead with time or ahead of time is something which can take you places.


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How do you that?  By not loosing any opportunity. by remaining alert, always ready to exploit the opportunity that comes your way. It has necessarily to be related to your talent. When you focus and develop your talent, you are excited. You feel great. You start living intensely. You start having intensity. And, there is the rub. You don’t have to be carried away. But continuously review your upward movement, brightening of your talent. And then you need to align your talent, the opportunity with the fast changing needs of the society.

It is also necessary to reinvent yourself and not leave it at that. Use time and talent to take your project, any project, forward.  Use Time, talent and application of mind continuously to work intensely and enjoy life.

618w_steve_jobs_career_gallery_8 Bill gates 2 Warren Buffett

That is the message we get from Steve jobs, from Bill Gate and Warren Buffet and many others. That is what you may call working your way to a ‘Trojan success’

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Importance of Personality & Soft Skills

Personality plays a very important role in success of individual life. Hence it is important to understand the meaning of Personality. According to me, Personality means physical Appearance, dressing, communication, relationship with individual, character, commitment, intelligence etc. In today’s world, most of people make judgement based on the personality of people. Personality requires everywhere whether it is film industry, corporate world or social life. Today lot of organisations are focusing on building personality amongst employee. Recently AirAsia has hired Amit Chandoliya a model as a CEO for India business because of his personality and this has been concurred by Air Asia Global CEO. Hence it is important for everyone has to focus on improving their personality apart from their technical and other skills. Today lots of private institutes are offering course on personality development. I have considered myself as an average kind of personality. I am working towards improving my personality by keeping focus on improving my physical appearance & communication skills.

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I have considered myself as a hardworking, helpful & dedicated person. I am never satisfied with myself and always try to look for something new. I am risk taking person. I don’t believe in criticising others. I am straight forward person. I believe in respect for individual.

People feel that I am straight forward person and don’t involve in politics. People consider me as helpful person and like to share & discuss their problem with me. People perceive that I am hardworking, reliable, committed & approachable. Whenever there is problem & it is getting difficult, my boss counts on me. I still recall one of the challenging assignments in my earlier Company, when my boss colleague & his two junior had left the Company at same time in mid of Statutory Audit. They left the firm in critical stage of Audit & only they had possessed the critical knowledge of Financial of organisation. After lot of deliberation this assignment has been handed over to my boss and he had chosen me for this assignment to me. This shows the confidence of my boss on me. I have completed the assignment successfully.

I don’t have any bad habits of tobacco, alcohols. I like playing cricket and eating good food. I always get up early and sleep early. I have a habit of eating early dinner.

My long term goal is to start my own business by keeping focus on my current professional work. I am trying to explore various business opportunities and discussing with various businessman & friends. I know that I have to put more serious effort to achieve this. I would also like to improve my communication skill which will help me in improving overall my personality. I have focussed myself on improving the communication skills and joined communication class.

I believe in relationship and give importance to relationship. It is easy to breakup relationship but building up relationship take long time. The base of relationship is trust & comfort with others. I have very good relationship with people at work, at home & at society.


I am open minded person. I open for criticism and new ideas. I don’t frame judgment based on what others say.

I am not very good listener. I know this is one of my weak areas which I have to improve. I have identified this as a one of the priority for myself. I am working on this to become an effective listener. I am becoming more focus now as listener.

I don’t take rash decisions. I always think and evaluate pros & cons before making such decision. Sometimes I discuss the issue with my family & others and take their input before making such decision. I am fast decision maker. I believe that most of the decisions taken by me are correct.

I am not a ‘yes’ kind of personality. If I don’t agree with anyone, I don’t say yes.