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Managerial Success depends upon your team’s performance.

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The progress of an organization depends upon how the various managers are able to motivate their teams. It is necessary for the manager to be adept in generating confidence and motivating his/her team to perform better. The manager must understand what leadership style will work best for the team in case the team comprises members from different cultural backgrounds – that has to be factored by the Manager in his efforts.

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Aligning Team Dynamics with Goals.

The manager must define the team goals. The same should be communicated in no uncertain terms to the members of the team. The allocation of various duties should be done keeping in view the strengths and weakness of the concerned members. This can happen only if the Manager is able to create a rapport with not only the main team members, but with each and everyone.

Communication Skills.

The communication skills of the Manager has to be nothing less than excellent. It is only when you are able to communicate your thoughts clearly and effectively that you are able to motivate your team members. The Manager must ensure clarity in speech. Besides the Manager must be an excellent listener. It is only with your ability to listen that you are able to create confidence and motivate the people to do what is required to be done to meet your targets.

Coaching Style.

The best strategy for a manager to generate action in the team is to adopt a coaching style of training the members of the team. It also ensures the close connect between the member on one side and the team on the other. The review of the performance of each of the members of the team on a continuous basis is indeed very helpful. Besides, this also helps the manager to render support wherever necessary to the team members.

Enthusiasm is contagious. The manager must understand this.He has to maintain his enthusiasm under all circumstances. There could be challenges which may at times unnerve the person, but the leader can not afford getting unnerved. In fact the manager must welcome the challenges. It is the manager’s job to resolve all problems willingly, enthusiastically and happily.

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Speech Controls Your Life.

Yes, your speech does control your life. When you say something, it’s a kind of commitment you are making to your own self. Therefore it is significant. Your speech depends on your thoughts. It is instrumental to your actions. So the speech is connected with both, your thoughts and your actions. When you are careful about what your say, in fact you are controlling your actions. Further it also means rejecting some of your thoughts and selecting some others. On an average an individual has 60,000 thoughts during 24 hours. Even when you sleep, thoughts keep working in your mind. But your conscious speech surely tries to give some direction to your thoughts.

Knowledge depends on what we read, our interactions with other people and our experiences. All these form the background material. It is upon us to make choices on what to use and how to use. Some people do not learn from their own experiences, however bad. They keep on making the same mistakes again and again. Shakespeare’s tragedies explain the phenomenon in greater detail. Each of the tragic heroes of his plays is inflicted by a habit which in the end causes his destruction. In Shakespearian literature, it is known as the tragic flaw.

One may argue that it is only fiction and has no relation with life. These tragic plays were written about 500 years ago. The tragic flaw or the destructive habit may be an exaggerated one. Yet, if we look at our lives closely, we will find that many of us keep making the same mistakes again and again. These faults are known to others through our speech and/or dependant actions. Often these are also known to us. But if we strictly control our speech these faults will also be controlled. We can change our lives altogether.

Some people are prone to corruption due to greed. Some others are obsessed with power. Even though we all know that arrogance is not good, yet many are extremely arrogant. They cause immense harm to the society and often to themselves as well. Arrogance or any other personality flaw is evident in our communications. These are visible to others as well as known to us. The moment we decide to control our speech, these flaws are also controlled. What you speak and how you speak also displays your manners and culture.

I consider that for most of us who are fortunate to be blessed with 3 basic needs i.e. food, shelter and clothing; speech becomes the most important human need. Thus desire to express is important. Leaders lead by expressing what is good for the persons they lead. Their expression or speech surely impacts their behavior and actions. Likewise people who want to progress in their respective fields have to use their speech with discretion.

Now let us see how to create and maintain good communication. The Bhagwad Gita emphasizes that clear, controlled speech is a great human asset. In order to have good voice and develop clarity in speech one has to practice deep breathing. Besides you have to maintain good health by taking proper care of your food, exercise, abstention from worrying and tensions. Thus when you are caring for your speech you are also looking after your health. Deep breathing as a habit empowers you with more enthusiasm as you consume more oxygen. Deep breathing is also a requirement of good speech.

Throughout the world we have good examples that great leaders have excelled with their excellent speeches. Our own Mr. Narendra Modi is a shining example.

narendra modi

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How To Stop Procrastination

I found this blog of Robin Sharma very interesting and useful therfore i am sharing with you – Satish Kakri


Raise your hand if you’ve ever procrastinated? [Everyone's hands go up!] Procrastination is defined as “doing less urgent things instead of more urgent things. Doing what is pleasurable over what is important”. It seems that we learn how to procrastinate…

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Changing Habits

On Sunday 30/3/2014 we had a very useful discussion regarding managing CHANGE in life. The subject was how to inculcate good habits and how to ward off, the bad ones. Each participant was advised to identify 10 good habits of their friends, colleagues or of family members which each wanted to imbibe in their own personality.

At the same time they were also asked to identify 5 bad habits of their own which each wanted to give up. Besides, what efforts have been made so far to give up the bad habits were also to be explained? Since it was a Speech Training Session, the participants were supposed to detail clearly each point with examples.  These examples could be chosen from their own lives or those of others known to them. A heartwarming open and interesting discussion led to a number of conclusions.

First of all it’s necessary to understand how habits work. A habit is a kind of repetitive behavior for which you don’t think. You don’t have to apply your mind to check up anything before you take action. Let’s examine with some examples. If you wake up at a particular time, you don’t need any alarm to remind you. Taking bath and getting ready is also done as a matter of habit. If you were to check the time you take for getting ready everyday it will be more or less the same.  Taking your breakfast fast is also a habit which need consistent efforts to bring about the desired change.

Does it mean that we cannot change our habit/habits which we want to change? No, it doesn’t. We certainly can with required will and efforts. However some habits can be changed by once own efforts, where as some others require professional help. But in both the situations one needs to adopt a systematic approach. First of all we must state clearly what new habit we want to adopt. It’s always better to write in your journal in clear terms. For example, if you have wanted to go for a morning walk but habitually you get up late, you can change this habit. After writing in your journal about your decision to start doing for a morning walk regularly you must fix up the date for starting. The first few days you may have to use the alarm which will wake you up at a particular time. It’s necessary not to laze around after the alarm. Just get ready and go for a walk. It is said that it is normally take 21 days to form a habit.

Now I give another example. If you suffer from stage fright and you cannot speak to a group by standing up, you need a professional help. You also require a firm determination that you will overcome the stage fright because it is impeding your progress. Further, you must carefully select the professional. It is like going to the right doctor for getting the ailment eliminated. With appropriate efforts and continuous practice one can definitely overcome the bane of stage fright. In today’s environment, it is necessary. In colleges you have to give presentations, and wherever you work, once you are in a senior position, you need to give presentations to your bosses.

Even if you are an entrepreneur and doing your own business, you need to motivate your staff and for this also you need great confidence. Besides, you must not have any fear of facing the people from the stage.

In my next posting we will take up how to form some other good habits.

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Turning Talent to a ‘Trojan Power’

We all have heard the story of the Trojan Horse. Well planed innovative idea was given a spectacular reality. And that brought about equally spectacular success.


Times have changed. Definition of success has also changed. Success is no longer linear. So far as success is concerned. Thus studying hard for long years getting a good degree from a top engineering college and or a top business school will surely get you a job. But just a job. Not the success which is realized by many young entrepreneurs. The Time is such that a degree from a good business school or a top engineering college may land you a job but will not give you success in terms of its new definition. Success no longer means only working hard to get good grades, finding a good job, pleasing bosses to move ahead gradually in a good company. Success, today means identifying your talent, focusing on how to take it to such heights that it is distinguished by others, that it builds your self esteem making you understand your significance in society, and in life. Having said that, one must never forget that time is moving much faster than ever before. Your thoughts have to keep pace. Your actions too have to keep pace.  Your growth has to be faster. Getting ahead with time or ahead of time is something which can take you places.


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How do you that?  By not loosing any opportunity. by remaining alert, always ready to exploit the opportunity that comes your way. It has necessarily to be related to your talent. When you focus and develop your talent, you are excited. You feel great. You start living intensely. You start having intensity. And, there is the rub. You don’t have to be carried away. But continuously review your upward movement, brightening of your talent. And then you need to align your talent, the opportunity with the fast changing needs of the society.

It is also necessary to reinvent yourself and not leave it at that. Use time and talent to take your project, any project, forward.  Use Time, talent and application of mind continuously to work intensely and enjoy life.

618w_steve_jobs_career_gallery_8 Bill gates 2 Warren Buffett

That is the message we get from Steve jobs, from Bill Gate and Warren Buffet and many others. That is what you may call working your way to a ‘Trojan success’

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Importance of Personality & Soft Skills

Personality plays a very important role in success of individual life. Hence it is important to understand the meaning of Personality. According to me, Personality means physical Appearance, dressing, communication, relationship with individual, character, commitment, intelligence etc. In today’s world, most of people make judgement based on the personality of people. Personality requires everywhere whether it is film industry, corporate world or social life. Today lot of organisations are focusing on building personality amongst employee. Recently AirAsia has hired Amit Chandoliya a model as a CEO for India business because of his personality and this has been concurred by Air Asia Global CEO. Hence it is important for everyone has to focus on improving their personality apart from their technical and other skills. Today lots of private institutes are offering course on personality development. I have considered myself as an average kind of personality. I am working towards improving my personality by keeping focus on improving my physical appearance & communication skills.

personality-type 2

I have considered myself as a hardworking, helpful & dedicated person. I am never satisfied with myself and always try to look for something new. I am risk taking person. I don’t believe in criticising others. I am straight forward person. I believe in respect for individual.

People feel that I am straight forward person and don’t involve in politics. People consider me as helpful person and like to share & discuss their problem with me. People perceive that I am hardworking, reliable, committed & approachable. Whenever there is problem & it is getting difficult, my boss counts on me. I still recall one of the challenging assignments in my earlier Company, when my boss colleague & his two junior had left the Company at same time in mid of Statutory Audit. They left the firm in critical stage of Audit & only they had possessed the critical knowledge of Financial of organisation. After lot of deliberation this assignment has been handed over to my boss and he had chosen me for this assignment to me. This shows the confidence of my boss on me. I have completed the assignment successfully.

I don’t have any bad habits of tobacco, alcohols. I like playing cricket and eating good food. I always get up early and sleep early. I have a habit of eating early dinner.

My long term goal is to start my own business by keeping focus on my current professional work. I am trying to explore various business opportunities and discussing with various businessman & friends. I know that I have to put more serious effort to achieve this. I would also like to improve my communication skill which will help me in improving overall my personality. I have focussed myself on improving the communication skills and joined communication class.

I believe in relationship and give importance to relationship. It is easy to breakup relationship but building up relationship take long time. The base of relationship is trust & comfort with others. I have very good relationship with people at work, at home & at society.


I am open minded person. I open for criticism and new ideas. I don’t frame judgment based on what others say.

I am not very good listener. I know this is one of my weak areas which I have to improve. I have identified this as a one of the priority for myself. I am working on this to become an effective listener. I am becoming more focus now as listener.

I don’t take rash decisions. I always think and evaluate pros & cons before making such decision. Sometimes I discuss the issue with my family & others and take their input before making such decision. I am fast decision maker. I believe that most of the decisions taken by me are correct.

I am not a ‘yes’ kind of personality. If I don’t agree with anyone, I don’t say yes.

Our Education System

Recently, we held a symposium at our learning centre. The subject was our Education System and the changes that are urgently required. A number of participants gave their views and the subject was discussed at length.

I have chosen one of the essays submitted on the occasion by Mr. Niraj Kushawa – one of the participants. I find it very interesting and thought provoking; so I thought of sharing the essay with you.

Education System in India

Education system in India – by Niraj Kushawa

Indian education system is one of the oldest education system in the world. In ancient times, India had the Gurukula system of education. In Gurukula system anyone who wished to study went to a teacher’s (Guru) house and requested to be taught. If accepted as a student by the guru, he would then stay at the guru’s place and help in all activities at home. This not only created a strong tie between the teacher and the student, but also taught the student everything about running a house. The guru taught everything the child wanted to learn, from Sanskrit to Mathematics. The student stayed as long as he/she wished or until the guru felt that he had taught everything he could teach. All learning was closely linked to nature and to life, and not confined to memorizing some information.

The modern school system was brought to India, including the English language, originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay in the 1830s. The curriculum was confined to “modern” subjects such as science and mathematics, and subjects like metaphysics and philosophy were considered unnecessary. Teaching was confined to classrooms and the link with nature was broken, as also the close relationship between the teacher and the student.

Indian Education System

The Uttar Pradesh (a state in India) Board of High School and Intermediate Education was the first Board set up in India in the year 1921 with jurisdiction over Rajputana, Central India and Gwalior. In 1929, the Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Rajputana, was established. Later, boards were established in some of the states. But eventually, in 1952, the constitution of the board was amended and it was renamed Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Indian Higher Education

Reason Behind Sharp Decline in Quality in Education System:

(1)     Privatisation of Education: The government cannot afford to provide higher education to all the people in the country. It is too costly for the government to do so. The central government spends about 4% of budget expenditure on education, compared to 40% on defence. There are crooks, money launderers and politicians opening “private” educational institutions which extract money from the educational institution through creative structuring. The focus is on marketing rather than innovation or providing great educational service.

(2)     Education System Needs Reform:  Our education system is still a colonial education system generating babus and pen-pushers. We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not translated into much technological innovation here. Rather, we are busy running the call centres of the rest of the world – that is where our engineering skills end. The goal of our new education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into.

(3)     Reservation in Education System : We have reservation in education today because education is not available universally. Education has to be rationed. Reservation has badly ruined the moral of the bright students those who do not fall in reservation criteria. Even though, if a bright student got good marks in entrance examination, he did not get admission due to reservation system. Further it is pertinent to mentioned that its affects the quality of teaching and subsequently education system as a whole.

(4)     No Common Syllabus and Markings: India is comprises of 29 states and 7 union tarritoties. Practically we have more number of board than number of states. Various board have their own syllabus and their own grading system. When a student come out from a state and start participating in national level competition then he realise the disadvantages of such type of system. Not even at the state level but also the central government has different syllabus for different exams based on same educational qualification. For example: GATE and Indian Engineering Services has different syllabus.

(5)     Imbalance of Infrastructure and Resources: There is an imbalance in education system region-wise namely rural and urban region. On the other hand sector-wise namely government and private colleges. In cities situation is satisfactory  and all the facility is available but when you look towards actual India that is rural part of it, situation is even worst Entrepreneur construct building and got approval by offering bribes. In such institution no lab facility is available. Such institutes lacks of basic teaching aids, even qualified teachers.

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The Art of Managing Your Work!

Managing Your Work

What you do as your profession is something which gives significance to your life. Often you have to start some new project even though you are working in the same job. A new project could mean an altogether new situation. At the same time it may mean developing a new client or creating a new product.

Your professional work also gives a social significance to your life. It is difficult to imagine living life alone. You need people around. And so also they need you. Society gives you a lot and rightfully expects that you must also contribute in return. It must work both ways. Whenever you start something new, it is necessary to thoughtfully consider all the necessary details. Besides, you must generate enough enthusiasm to ensure a good beginning.

Beginning of a new project
so that it may aptly reflect
the strength of earnest desire
Keenness of what you aspire

Well-begun will always inspire
Focused approach; friends will admire.
Without proper planning, you may expect
flaws in the project, in time, you detect.
Necessary details may not neglect
And, capable personnel you may select

Doubt, suspicion you may dispel
your faith in project may always dwell
your mind remains searching better ways
improving your efforts for the goal you chase.
Clarity of vision replacing your haze
making your attitude worthy of praise.

All above tasks you may achieve
Anxiety and tension, it will relieve
with honest prayer to God, you believe
His blessings for success, you will surely receive.

managing your work

As a manager