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Dr. Bindu Variath Ph.D. ( Vice Principal. K.C. Law College ) : “I improved a lot.”

Pramila Chavan ( Professor, V.J.T.I ) : “I never knew that breathing deep between sentences will make me fresh. I was very happy to do that & that will certainly help me through out my career”.

Shri Indraneel Roy ( Senior Divisional Manager, LIC ) :“The experience has enriched and enlightened me on the art of effective verbal communication”.

Anica Pillat (Vice Principal, HR College) : “Very good interactive session on voice culture, very relevant for us speech professionals”.

Rajesh Patil ( Professor, V.J.T.I.) : “It is very good for teachers, trainers and speakers”.

Rishab Bhargava ( Asst. Manager, The Leela ) : “We covered a lot of things which are extremely helpful”..

Prakash Gorpade ( Manager, Bharat Petroleum ) : “I experienced benefit and the Foundation’s efforts are particularly good as speaking is not taught in schools but is so important in day to day life.”

Shri Indraneel RoySubbarayan ( Senior Divisionals Managers, LIC ) : “The experience has enriched and enlightened me on the art of effective verbal communication”.

Edwin Jason (Asst. Manager, The Leela) : “I have cleared my throat and powered up my voice”.

K.P.Roy(Senior Divisional Managers , LIC) : “Very interesting workshop and the foundation’s efforts for voice and speech training”

Virendra Singh ( Senior Divisional Manager ) : “The programme is very nice and also the poundalise effort for voice and speech training is very good’.

Ritu Bahuguna ( Senior Executive, ITC The Maratha ) : “It was an enriching workshop with feedback given to improve and learn”.

Vansh Gopal Singh ( Lecturer, HR College ) : “It was very nice and attractive; it should be arranged at least two times in an academic year so that we teachers could get such a dais and audience to speak”.

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