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Managerial Success depends upon your team’s performance.

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The progress of an organization depends upon how the various managers are able to motivate their teams. It is necessary for the manager to be adept in generating confidence and motivating his/her team to perform better. The manager must understand what leadership style will work best for the team in case the team comprises members from different cultural backgrounds – that has to be factored by the Manager in his efforts.

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Aligning Team Dynamics with Goals.

The manager must define the team goals. The same should be communicated in no uncertain terms to the members of the team. The allocation of various duties should be done keeping in view the strengths and weakness of the concerned members. This can happen only if the Manager is able to create a rapport with not only the main team members, but with each and everyone.

Communication Skills.

The communication skills of the Manager has to be nothing less than excellent. It is only when you are able to communicate your thoughts clearly and effectively that you are able to motivate your team members. The Manager must ensure clarity in speech. Besides the Manager must be an excellent listener. It is only with your ability to listen that you are able to create confidence and motivate the people to do what is required to be done to meet your targets.

Coaching Style.

The best strategy for a manager to generate action in the team is to adopt a coaching style of training the members of the team. It also ensures the close connect between the member on one side and the team on the other. The review of the performance of each of the members of the team on a continuous basis is indeed very helpful. Besides, this also helps the manager to render support wherever necessary to the team members.

Enthusiasm is contagious. The manager must understand this.He has to maintain his enthusiasm under all circumstances. There could be challenges which may at times unnerve the person, but the leader can not afford getting unnerved. In fact the manager must welcome the challenges. It is the manager’s job to resolve all problems willingly, enthusiastically and happily.

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