What is Satish Kakri Management & Educational Consultants

SKMEC isĀ  a Private Limited Company entirely promoted by Mr. Satish Kakri and Mr. Amit Kakri. The vast experience of Mr. Satish Kakri in the field of management in a senior position and the new management perspective as it is taught today find an Indian Fusion in the vision, mission and activities of the Company.

The Management must have a reference to the cultural inheritance of the people. Management is all about managing people for optimum results. The conduct and way the philosophy and principles of a company are assimilated also depend upon the individual’s background.

So these factors are critical in any training exercise or analysis of a project. After all an organisation is only people. Efficiency and growth requires optimum productivity from the entire group.

With this ground reality, we have understood that managerial capability has to be supplemented with excellent written and spoken communication – nothing less than excellent. All our programs ensure that while developing the specific program all related requirements are taken care off.

We partner with leading corporate organisations to ensure the Human Resource Development is optimised. Our Management Development Programs cater to areas of individual requirements within the context of the overall organisational requirements.

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