7 Ways to keep yourself motivated



Life becomes dull if you are indecisive and a procrastinator. You tend to become de-motivated and perform your tasks as these were a burden. In today’s fast paced world such habits and/or altitude have no place. So, it is necessary to keep yourself motivated understanding fully well that difficulties are a part of life and these must be faced squarely and upfront. How does one keep self motivated?  I have 8 suggestions in this respect which I would like to share with you.

Suggestion 1: like your work. Whatever work you may be doing, feel happy and proud about it. If you are doing some work which for any reason you don’t like; it’s time for action. These are two options. Change your work/job, if it is possible otherwise start liking the same work that you are doing. You might ask how can we start liking something which we don’t. For this, I will ask a question. Looking back in your life, have you always been constant in liking or disliking certain things? The honest answer is ‘No’. If you have changed your preferences due to outward influences, you certainly can do the same with your conscious effort.

Suggestion 2: Discuss ideas and not people. Individuals are only references to the ideas that you want to discuss. And that alone should be their only significance. Each person is an individual. His/her conduct and habits are the products of multifarious circumstances and influences to which they have been and are exposed. Don’t judge anyone. Accept as they are and deal with them to the best of your ability. Consider handling difficult people are your challenges, you alone have to face. It’s your personal battle as explained in the great book “Bhagwad Gita” and you should never run away from the battlefield.

Suggestion 3: Never argue but you may agree to disagree. Arguments do not lead anywhere. Expressing your opinion is necessary. But do it with an open mind. If the opponent agrees with your views, that is good. But if not, and at the same time you still feel that you are right, just say that we agree to disagree. It may appear difficult. Assertiveness is certainly not easy, but you will find that the difficulty is mitigated when you start practicing it. Here, the important point is how you speak. What words you use. Your tone is equally important, if not more.

Suggestion 4: Failure is a part of your road to success. This only shows that you have tried. Every effort cannot bring desired results. All the scientists invent wonderful things by failing many times. Each failure teaches how things don’t work until a way is found when they do. Analyze the reasons for failure and move ahead. Never indulge in the blame game. Putting blame on others for anything hardly ever helps. If it’s a person, you need to understand and proceed. If it is a circumstance, you need to provide for it.

Suggestion 5: If some system or procedure does not work, change it. Don’t cling to it thinking that it had worked on earlier occasions so it should work even now. Everything changes. Life is changing faster than ever. Review the situation and analyze the reasons. But still if it does not work it may only mean that if has out lived its life. Some freshness, something different and new needs to be added. Add it. Do not allow any belief to interfere with you necessarily to innovate.

Suggestion 6: Review the benchmarks. Progress does not mean that you may be performing successfully at the same space. An athlete who wants to compete will keep on setting higher goals. The difference may be minuscule. But enhancing his/her target will keep the motivation alive. Fast advancement in technology is certainly making life very competitive. You have to be abreast with the technology and you have to be adept in using the same. When you keep on changing your benchmarks your will face now challenges which will keep you motivated and make life more interesting.

Suggestion 7: Develop a system of getting others’ feedback in the most befitting manner. You must know yourself and you must also know how others know you. This will keep you motivated, enough!

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