What makes people great?

If you want to become great in your life you to carry out the following actions:

  1. get up early in the morning say 5 AM every day.
  2. exercise every day or go for a morning walk for at least half an hour.
  3. Eat healthy food and in proper time. Eating slightly less than your hunger is always better then overeating.
  4. write down your goals in all aspects of life like: health goals, career goals, financial goals, family goals, social goals, hobby goals and spiritual goals. Do that now if not already done. Whether you are young or old if you have not written the goals write them down.
  5. Remember success comes only in the hard way. You have to be prepared to persevere to follow your dream. If you don’t have a dream specify one, create one. An individual without a dream in the lead a mediocre life.
  6. pursue excellence in everything that you do. It requires quest for knowledge, it requires focus, it requires your dedication and it also requires your patience.
  7. Time is your best resource. Use your time wisely. Every night you must write down on your journal how blessed you have used the time available to you during the day. Found this as a habit.
  8. During the day you must divide your time in the following manner: 15% on the routine matters, 25% on the ongoing projects and the remaining 60% on innovation thinking how to improve what you are doing, acquiring more and more knowledge on the subject of your interest.
  9. Develop excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Your communications come in handy for you to make good relations with others. One cannot succeed unless you have that knack of creating a helpful circle of people around you.
  10. you must be willing to help others only then people will help you. It is only give and take. You cannot fool around.
  11. Have a positive attitude. Never judge people. Keep an open mind to understand them.
  12. Be an excellent listener. Listen twice as much as you speak. You have two ears but only one mouth.
  13. develop a strong sense of focus. Ensure that you don’t get distracted. Follow the practice until it becomes your habit and a part of your personality.
  14. Read the biographies of great people. Most of them are stories of rags to riches. Thanks.

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