How to improve Time Management at Workplace & at Home?

Work out priorities to manage your time

Love your work and do best. Don’t be afraid to take help/guidance from pears/seniors. You need to decide if what he or she is offering is (a) real and (b) what you actually want. Avoid delegating your ambition to your boss and take control.

The place you live is really important. Make sure you devote time and effort to making home somewhere you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Peer pressure can be very powerful. If it encourages you to go where you want, it is positive. If you feel under pressure to aim for things you’re not totally sure about, that pressure might be too great.

At times, many of us find ourselves caring for a vulnerable relative who is dependent on us. This can also give you time to plan, even if at times it might seem heartless. In such situations, it’s necessary to use time more efficiently.

Use time planners

1. Write everything down. Everything.

2. Pick a planner that has room for your schedule and to- do list each day.

3. Use your planner to create monthly goals.

4. Make your planner a place for inspiration.

5. Keep track of your finances.

6. Schedule time to work on your business and not just in your business.

7. Incorporate self-care and family life into your planner.

In order to control your time, think positively and always put your plan into action.

Negativity is a time waister.The other thing about negativity is that our brains can’t process negative words according to the latest studies. So when we hear phrase like “don’t smoke” or “don’t touch that,” our subconscious skips over these negative words and simply hears “smoke” or “touch that.” Our conscious mind can obviously process these words, but it’s the subconscious that makes a lot of our decisions without us realizing.

Positive thinking can actually improve our overall happiness. I’ve written about this before in terms of noting. Down things we’re grateful for on a regular basis and how that can improve our happiness.

Positivity has shown to directly affect your physical health. Another study from the University of North Carolina used the ancient practice of loving-kindness meditation to test how cultivating positive feelings like love, compassion and goodwill towards others could affect the emotional and physical health of the participants.

Each day the tasks can be categorized as under:

Routine tasks

1. Stop overloading your to-do list.

2. Stop having open-ended meetings.

3. Stop answering repetitive questions.

4. Stop taking the same follow-up approach if people ignore you.

5. Stop eating lunch at your desk.

Spend adequate time on planning and development

1. Consider the goals of your organization.

2. Identify the benefits for trainees

3. Recognize desired outcomes.

4. Plan necessary steps.

5. Design lessons.

6. Establish a time frame.

                                                                                                          I had written a poem on time some time back. I repeat some of the lines of the poems to my students to make the message deserve careful consideration. The same lines are repeated:

Value of time is often little known:

For time’s inherent wealth scanty respect is shown.

Any other possession if you happen to lose

You can hope to get it back if you choose.

Wealth of time will never return

Simple lesson though many of us don’t ever learn.

Every moment of time you must use

To achieve anything, you may choose.

 In the changing environment I think Time and its proper use have become critical. Fat salaries for corporate CEO’s require harsher targets for the team to achieve. Undoubtedly, this creates great pressure on him. He tends to lose the simple joys of life like quiet reflection in the morning besides yoga or exercise, spending quality time with his family and pursuing at least one hobby seriously that he loves the most.

The good thing for the CEO is that today he/she cannot be fooled by just sweet words or clever flattery.  Performance appraisal is based on the real time strategic figures which are computed instantly.

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